Real Estate Developers

Thank you for your interest in California Real Estate Regional Center, LLC. CaRE works with developers to promote new development, economic growth and local job creation.

Contact CaRE to share your initial business plan so that we may evaluate its suitability for the EB-5 program. CaRE will undertake due diligence to assess the EB-5 compliance and financial viability of the Project. The following documents and/or information will be initially requested for CaRE review:

  • Project Approvals

    Existing entitlements & approvals, remaining approvals and the timing of remaining approvals

  • Proof of Ownership

    Title documents or land lease agreement

  • Capital Stack

    Senior loan commitment and proof of equity (all capital stack components except for the EB-5 amount)

  • Feasibility Study & Appraisal

    Current, built, stabilized (year 3 operations), and year 5 operations

  • Construction Budget

    Detailed construction budget, timeline, and draw schedule prepared by a qualified general contractor

  • Financials

    5 – 7 year pro-forma

  • Agreements

    Retail tenant LOIs, property management and or operating agreements

  • Developer background and track record

    Management team bios, development track record, other background information